The journey that is Tracy lipp


So what’s with the esoteric tittle?  I guess this is how I look at living.  We add up our experiences to become who we are.  It’s a journey, and I like it.  This website isn’t about being a commercial for me.  Yeah, it does have a lot of the stuff I’ve done here, but that’s not the point.  I’m leaving a TON of stuff out.  It’s about who I am.  And to reflect the journey I’m on, this website will be changing all the time too.

So who am I right now?  

I play guitar...  A lot.  Sometimes more, sometimes less but I always play. 

Writing songs, mostly as a lyricist, has been a fortuitous accident.  When I look back I can see a multitude of things coming together to turn me into a pretty good writer.  I got lucky and had a couple of really great english teachers in high school.  Later, a close friend of mine turned me on to a easy to use template for writing what he called “little movies” in a lyric. Finally, being in Finland gave me opportunities I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

Freshman year in high school, it was cold and raining.  My first 3 mile cross-country race.  The coach said:  “Gentlemen, today you’re going to change your lives.  After racing on a day like this, you’ll either quit or you’ll be a runner for life.”  He was SO right.  I’ve traveled a lot, and I’ve always tried to run in the places I’ve been...  I’d estimate that I’ve run over 70,000 miles - conservatively.  That’s well over 100,000 kilometers for those more familiar with the Metric system.

Great singers are made.  Genetics matter, but without proper technique and hard work eventually even the best voices fail.  I met an amazing voice teacher, Bob Rose.  I bring the technique he developed, plus all of my experience as a musician and performer together to make singers better.

Tracy Lipp


Guitarist, songwriter, runner, Voice coach


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